How "Solarize Your Neighborhood" Campaign works

  1. Sign up on our website or through our local representative and you'll be contacted by our local solar installation representative to learn if your home is good for solar.
  2. Schedule a no obligation site evaluation with us.
  3. Get a solar installation quote.
  4. Sign a contract to have your new solar system installed.
  5. Contact Admirals Bank to finance your solar installation.
  6. Once you are financed, Solar Tyme USA will start the process to install your solar energy system.
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Benefits of

Benefits of "Solarize Your Neighborhood" Campaign

  1. Receive a Bulk Discount Rate for you and your neighbors' solar installation. This rate is much lower than standard solar installation pricing.
  2. $0 down options provide instant savings.
  3. 30% Federal Tax Incentives
  4. Protect the environment and decrease carbon footprint.
  5. Eliminate or drastically reduce your electric bills.
  6. Hedge against raising electricity costs.
  7. Protect against rising energy costs.
  8. Support local jobs and help the local economy.
  9. Increase your property value by 3% and up.
  10. Boost your energy independence and support local energy generation.
  11. Build your company brand, demonstrate your personal commitment to sustainability. (For Solarize Business Campaign)
  12. Increase employee morale. (For Solarize Business Campaign)

Commit to Solar Today!

Call (404) 829-8379 or email now to learn how this "Solarize Your Neighborhood" Campaign can reduce the solar installation rates and energy cost today.