Residential Solar

Many homeowners are looking towards the use of residential solar power for a number of reasons. It is fast becoming a very effective way for homeowners to reduce electricity costs and gives anyone a chance to reduce their carbon footprint and do their part to help the environment. With the cost of solar power decreasing year after year, adding a solar energy system to your home is becoming more and more feasible and something that more homeowners are starting to look into. The overall competition in the residential solar energy industry is increasing, which means it is becoming cheaper for people to solarize their homes.

We installed a solar system on this home. It shows the black framed modules we typically use for residential installations. In this case, they are black framed polycrystalline modules.

This homeowner did not have a good south facing roof area available. Solar Tyme USA, LLC was able to design a ground mounted solar system to fit neatly beside their house.

This homeowner wanted some shade over his back deck, so we spaced solar modules in rows to provide a cool, but still bright area to enjoy the sun making a significant part of his electricity.

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