Refer A Friend Get A Bonus

Refer A Friend Get A Bonus

Solar Tyme USA believes that Word of Mouth Advertising is the most positive form of informing the community of the benefits of solar installations. We also believe in providing an economic blessing for those which help to meet our mission and refer a successful solar installation.

Refer A Friend Earn $1000

When a referral becomes a successful solar installation, the referring party receives a $1000 referral fee! We consider these referrals as a way of saying Thank You!

Refer Friends And Family & Get $1000

Even when your referral's referral refers a successful solar installation, both of you will still receive $1000!!

Referrals are the best type of leads! We want you to help your friends and family to make the right decision and save money and reduce their carbon footprint. When you help us, help the community, we believe in blessing you with a $1000 referral fee is our duty! We stand by these statements!

Tell A Friend Solar

Tell A Friend Solar

Remember you do not have to be a customer. Just a citizen who believes that solar energy is the way we are going to continue to save our environment of climate changing and reducing energy generation's carbon footprint.

The more successful solar installation referrals, the more $1000 Referral fees, the more communities reduce their carbon footprint the safer our world becomes!!

Do your part to help people save money, make easy referral fee money, and save the world!!

Commit to Solar Today!

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